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Hi There!

​My name is Paul, but I am also known as the Earthwalker for walking over 47,500 kilometers around the planet, planting trees, and encouraging people to preserve the natural environment that we all need to exist.

I was born in the UK and now live with my wife, Konomi, in  La Junta, a small village in Chilean Patagonia, where we have built a home out of earth and turf on a once badly eroded cattle pasture which we have turned into an organic farm that also serves as a sanctuary for wildlife.

The five sections of this site cover my life, from growing up in Manchester, my time at sea, years as a private chauffeur, expeditions down the Amazon, earth-walking/tree-planting and life in Patagonia. My life is full of stories, and this is where I share them.

Welcome To My World 

"I am a man of the forest, A lover of trees, A smeller of flowers, An observer of life"


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