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Pirates and Watermelons

This might seem strange nowadays, but I never knew watermelons existed until I arrived into Caracas Bay, Curacao in January 1972 on my first trip to sea. This was the first time I set foot on a foreign shore. I was amazed to discover that those great big green things that the locals were carrying up the gangway were melons. What a magical time of discovery that was!

At Caracas Bay there was also a castle, said to have been built by Captain Morgan the famous pirate.

Beekesberg 'Morgan's Castle'
Beekesberg 'Morgan's Castle'

How fitting it was to find a pirates castle on an island in the Caribbean. The first book that I ever read, which was given to me by my dad when I was a kid was 'Treasure Island' and now here I was sailing the seas in search of my own treasure, one that turned out to be the planet on which I sought my treasure!

'Morgan's castle photo originally appeared on

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