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My first job as a Chef on Private Yachts.

MY Antibes

The MY Antibes was the first private yacht I worked on in the South of France (1977). It was quite famous as it was very fast for a yacht of its size. The Captain was commanded a German Uboat during WW2. The deckhand was another interesting character. He was also German and had served many years in the French Foreign Legion. He had a dream of breaking the bank at the Casino in Monte Carlo and would spend hours a day working out a numeric formula to get rich at cards. The owner of the Antibes was a former scrap dealer and the chairman of a major English Football Club. He was very down to earth and would arrive with his wife and adult children one weekend for a tour of Monaco, St. Tropez, and Cannes, and the following weekend for a similar tour with his very young mistress. They were easy to work for and I learned a lot as a chef, particularly French cuisine, but the Captain was rigid, perhaps thinking he was still in charge of a UBoat, and I left after just three months.

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