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Man on the Moon

There are some things etched in my memory like carvings into stone. Fifty five years ago, I pretended to be two years older than I was and entered a cinema to watch my first X rated movie, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. It was the best movie I had ever seen, but I did not hang around for a second longer than i had to after it finished.

I ran like the wind to get home just in time to witness the first man landing on the moon, to the glorious sound of Also Sprach Zarathusa, broadcast live by the BBC.

What a momentous occasion. I have been in love with space and that music ever since.

Many years later I was Chauffeuring Mrs. Mc Dougald and her sister Mrs/ Hedstrom in Florida one day and went to pick them at the Seminole Golf Course. When I arrived I loaded their clubs into the car and had a brief chat with the person they had been playing with. I shook his hand, said goodbye, got in the car and drove off. That was when Mrs. Mc Dougald, said Paul, 'We just played golf with the man on the moon!'

"Neil Armstrong?"

"Yes" For a long time I wished I have would have know before hand, but now I realise that I would have probably have been lost for words and not brave enough to reach out and shake his hand! Life can be very interesting.

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