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The Austral Garden Route is gathering attention.

Earthwalker Paul Coleman and Konomi Kikuchi at home in Patagonia
Cover Photo is from December 2011, as we finished laying turf around the house

Thanks to our journalist friend Dinelly Soto, the Austral Garden Route, which we established last year with some close friends, is gathering attention here in Chile, thanks to an article she wrote for Ladera Sur. We only created the route this year, but already it has expanded to include Chana, a remote fishing village 200 kms north and now reaches to Villa Amengual, 100 kms to the south. Perhaps the greatest success of the route has been the workshops members of the route have hosted, at our place, Paul and Konomi's Garden, and Terrazas del Palena, the small hotel run by our friends Marcelo and Javiera. Through these workshops we show how to ferment food, make essential oils and soaps and more, advance sustainability and promote a local economy through value added products organically cultivated.

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